The Cookie Monster!

Really starting to get fed up with having to accept cookies on all sites I now visit thanks to EU legislation. Ironically, these are the same cookies I’ve been accepting since the Internet Cookie was conceived.

This was a stupid idea dreamt up by some idiot in Brussels who has no idea what they are doing. All browsers already have the ability to block cookies. The difference is they are opt out not opt in so I don’t have to keep dismissing bloody pop-ups to accept the damn things.

The next thing on the agenda, apparently, is opt in rather than opt out adult content and content filtering at the ISP level! The latter is totally pointless as anyone who has used Tor or a public web proxy will know.

Maybe Brussels could stop screwing around with my freedoms and put a little bit of energy into solving the Euro crisis. No wonder Europe is going bankrupt! The EU (and the UK) is not a free country anymore (it took a while but 1984 has finally arrived) – don’t believe the hype!

In the words of the great Pub Landlord, “Back off Brussels!”.

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