The Zen Of C++

Are you a C++ programmer who works with Python programmers? Are you fed up with them banging on about their “Python Philosophy”? Do you feel like beating them over the head with your compiler every time they witter on about using 4 space intending? Does the fact they continuously try to convince you enforced white space syntax is a good thing just make you want to hurl chunks? If so, what you need is “The Zen Of C++”!

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Madrid, Infinity08, Juan and something hideous!

I’ve just spent the last week in Madrid with my good friend Infinity08. We originally made friends on Experts Exchange have over the last few years we’ve become very good friends. Infinity08 lives in Brussels in Belgium. I, of course, live in the UK. Clearly, it isn’t always easy to maintain a friendship over a distance but we do ok. We make an effort to send each other e-mails, we talk on Skype and we try to hook up once or twice a year for a short break.

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