Geo-indexing problem

Imaging you have a map and on that map you define a bunch of geo-locations; polygons, which are defined by their vertices as latitude and longitude co-ordinates. These geo-locations may overlap and may either be very big or very small (or in-between).  The problem is to figure out, for any point on the map, which […]

Set union problem

Today I had the privilege of a job interview with one of the leading companies in the online streaming music space. I’d like to think the interview went well, although I was incredibly nervous and my brain decided it was going to operate in a way that suggested it was wading through treacle; but I […]

C++ Smart pointers

This article is a discussion on smart pointers, what they are and why they are important to C++ programmers. Following the primary discussion I present a simple implementation of a reference counted smart pointer and show a simple example of using it. Although this article does not go into detail about how to develop a […]