Set union problem

Today I had the privilege of a job interview with one of the leading companies in the online streaming music space. I’d like to think the interview went well, although I was incredibly nervous and my brain decided it was going to operate in a way that suggested it was wading through treacle; but I […]

Template syntax mind warp!

Templates are a hugely powerful feature of C++. They allow you to do so many different and cool things. Unfortunately, templates do have a bit of a reputation for having rather nasty syntax and for the most part this reputation is quite well deserved. This little quiz shows an example of some template syntax that […]

C++ Smart pointers

This article is a discussion on smart pointers, what they are and why they are important to C++ programmers. Following the primary discussion I present a simple implementation of a reference counted smart pointer and show a simple example of using it. Although this article does not go into detail about how to develop a […]

Unsafe use of smart pointers

Ubiquitous use of smart pointers can prevent memory leaks and make for much easier to read and understand code. Unfortunately, as with most things C++, there are some caveats you need to be aware of otherwise your attempts to write robust code could very well come back to bite you. This little quiz shows how […]

Definition or a declaration?

The C++ language is a context sensitive language, which means a compiler cannot always decide the semantics of a line of code in isolation. Sometimes, though, it is impossible for the compiler to make up it’s mind so it just guesses. Yup, that’s right, it guesses. To find out more try this little quiz.

Order of initialization

In general, it’s pretty obvious what order the compiler will initialize variables: it’s the order in which they appear in the translation unit. What happens, though, when you have a global variable in one translation unit depending on the the initialization of a global variable in another translation unit? This little quiz explores just that.